Saccor Issue #01 Tribe – €10

Saccor is probably best described as a liberal/lefty science and culture magazine for liberal/lefties who’ve grown tired of liberal/lefties. A sort of hovel for the politically homeless. A safe space for recovering misanthropes that don't want to recover and won't. Printed annually. Events occasionally.

My Trip to the Late Pleistocene

I wanted to feel my static hunter-gatherer brain buckle under intrigue – and see if it could reverse engineer itself from the unwavering thought patterns of modern tribalism, to some sort of bona fide default mode. I wanted to taste the innateness and catch a peek at something revelatory – it’s with these totally misguided, overambitious pretensions that I went there...
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A Friendly IRL ‘Culture War’ Forum #3

In its third edition, Saccor will continue our IRL debates series.
More information coming soon!