Life is Obsessed with Itself

Saccor, with its hands made of abandoned birds nests and its eyes made of exits, will prompt you with maternal charity to defer your booking at Dignitas. And that's a guarantee. Saccor is the spoonful of sugar for the infobese, the ontologically diabetic. It's the committee designed by camels, it's Ozymandias' niece, it's the bread, the circus, the Sanctuary of Ellipsis, it's the fluttery moments after a nasty psychogenic fugue. Saccor is a hovel for the politically homeless and it's your clammy handhold for end-ish times. 

Saccor is a non-partisan liberal/lefty culture and science magazine for liberal/lefties who've grown tired of liberal/lefties. And it refuses to work on its unfounded hubris and pomposity until advertisers absolutely insist on it.


The sentiments of the liberal left are beginning to stagnate in a pool of its own moral posturing and well-intentioned cancel culture. It's probably just a phase, but it's still sad. Through the prism of a compelling theme, Saccor explores the demanding grey areas, tenderly criticises the dark art of wokery and desperately tries to be part of the conversation rather than shouting, self-congratulatory, into an echo chamber. We publish a range of articles from a range of different people. Sometimes we publish articles from those whom we disagree with. 

The name Saccor comes from Saccorhytus coronarius, a long extinct tiny sea creature that has the appellation of the 'earliest known ancestor of humans'. It dates back to over half a billion years and represents one of the first steps on an evolutionary path that eventually led to the emergence of humans. It's also a deuterostome, like us, which means that the anus is first to form. It's an embodiment of history and while we wait for the 'Hegelian theory of history' to try and iron out the creases on our fractured world, there's fertile ground and a diversity of ideas to entertain us in the waiting room of Shiva.

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