Saccor is predominantly a printed magazine. We feel that reading a beautiful piece of print is far more engaging than viewing it online. We do, though, want to give a taster of the content featured in the current and future issues of the magazine.

My Trip to the Late Pleistocene

I wanted to feel my static hunter-gatherer brain buckle under intrigue – and see if it could reverse engineer itself from the unwavering thought patterns of modern tribalism, to some sort of bona fide default mode. I wanted to taste the innateness and catch a peek at something revelatory – it’s with these totally misguided, overambitious pretensions that I went there...
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The Gate of Grief

How 6.4 billion of us come from the same tribe and how brutish E.T's can help us appreciate it.

Robert Sapolsky – Violent Altruists

Robert Sapolsky is an American neuroendocrinologist and a professor of biology, neurology and neurosurgery at Stanford University. We asked him just how deep-seated are our tribal inclinations and how best to allay them in a time of increasing polarisation.

The Löwenmensch of Stadel Cave and The Social Utility of Making Stuff Up

Just a few days shy of the start of WWII, this zoomorphic figurine carved from mammoth ivory was found in fragments in the Stadel Cave in south-western Germany.

Sparing a Thought: The Horseshoe Theory, The Herd & The Heft of Freethinking

Solidarity and collective action is a beautiful and vital thing; we can only achieve great things in society as a group, but a balance is needed between individual identity and group identity.