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Issue #02 Madness

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Tribe; a group identity with a shared interest. As social creatures we've evolved in groups and have yet to outgrow our tribal nature. 


The tribe can be a beautiful thing and it can be a bleak thing. It's at once responsible for some of the most incredible feats in history and some of the most incredible atrocities in history. Both feats and atrocities can sometimes only be achieved with social cohesion, a social tool that's often realised with the aid of a common enemy.

Today, we see a frightening vitriolic surge of far-right clout and an uncompromising wave of blinkered cancel culture from the left. There’s battle after battle in the war of ideas and unsurprisingly, in this new era of algorithmic populism, there’s an increasing us and them temperament. The quality of meaningful discussion has become menaced by ideologues on all sides, no time for nuance and prodigal with the currency of the word snowflake or something-phobe. The tribe of humanity is looking worse for wear.